PS4 FOLDER. On Windows, head into My Computer and then right-click the USB stick you've chosen and press format into an exFAT format. Drag and drop the file out of the ZIP folder into the root and then plug it into your PS4. Head back into the settings and choose System Update. It should pick up your USB and offer to install 9.00. 8) Restart your console, remove disc, uninstall the game (for further testing); 9) Run the _extract_pkg.bat script. You should get the 'Image extract succeeded' message; 10) Run the tools\ArchiveExplorer.exe, open pfs_image.dat in dump\pfs dir, select all files, and extract selected files into the app folder. Wait until the end of the process (this can take a long time)!. Looking for a cheap game or two for your PS4 console? We've collected all the best prices on the latest and greatest PS4 releases right here. Today's best PS4 game deals God of War $15.99. 77 %. E10. Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5. Genre Puzzle, Adventure, Indie. Developer Young Horses. Publisher Young Horses. Release November 12, 2020. While not.

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